About us


The moon is a sacring and fascinating symbol of human history. Bringing you mystery, joy, relief and romance. A mysterious and amazing creative moon lamp reveals the potential of space. Decorate your world with moon lamp - become any style that you want! It is not only a decorative art, but also an art of living.

Who Are We?

Created by Hcwlshop Studio, Hcwlshop Moon Lamp is a group of young 3D technology enthusiasts who now produce 3D moon lamp.

  About The Moon Lamp

1. Accurate modeling based on NASA's lunar texture, using 3D printing technology to realistically restore photos to the moon landscape.
2. The moon uses innovative 3D printing technology to stack layers by layer to restore the true appearance of the moon. Environmentally friendly materials - PLA materials extracted from corn stover are hard, smooth, non-toxic, odorless, environmentally friendly and degradable. The entire production is based on NASA data so the simulation is very high and very detailed, highlighting the real details of the moon's craters, ridges and etc.
It also uses qualified UN38.3 certified rechargeable batteries to make the product easy to use and safe.

Now ready for quality "Romantic Moon Lamp", "Personalized Moon Lamp" and "Suspended Moon Lamp". The original moon lamp supplier supports retail and wholesale services for all lunar enthusiasts/space enthusiasts.


In the future, we will update more products and spread it to the worldwide ! Hope you guys like us and stay tuned !