What Is The Best Gift For Your Friends

On the midsummer night, a bright moon hung in the deep blue sky and surrounded by the twinkling stars. The moon shone with gentle silver and that stars squint playfully. They always love each other and never give up. Why the stars and moons were in the sky? There was an old legend.

moon picture-3
A long time ago, the moon brothers lived in the sky, his elder brother called “ Jason” and older brother called “Jack”. They both laughed and played during the day and they took turns on duty at night. Suddenly one day, a fierce demon came. He wanted the sun to be his slave and only shine light and heat on the island of the devil where he lived. The sun did not want that the devil angered and swallowed the sun father. Since then, the whole world has fallen into the dark. The flowers were no longer open, the birds were no longer singing and the river were no longer happy anymore.
In order to save the world, the Moon brothers were determined to destroy the devil, They climbed the mountains and went through the mountains and hardships.

moon picture
Finally, they found the devil’s lair. Therefore, the brothers joined forces with the demon to fight fiercely. After countless battles, the moon brothers could not destroy the devil. At this time, the circle suddenly remembered that the fairy had told me before as long as the light of the two brothers was gathered on one of the them. At this time, as long as a violent collision occurred. A huge explosive force would be generated. Jack said, “ Jason, please gather your light on me. I have the confidence to eliminate the devil!” In this way, Jason gathers the light onto the Jack’s body. When the Jack felt that the body’s potential was getting stronger and stronger . He slammed into the demon. “Bang!” After a loud band, the demon was completely wiped out. The sun slowly rose to the sky and the whole world regained its light. The flowers re-opened their faces. The bird sang a beautiful song on the branch.

From this lucking scenes, Jason shouted excitedly, “Jack ,you are success !” At this time, Jack had blown up into pieces. Jason was depressed but when the night came, Jack turned into a shining star and scattered around Jason. Jack said, “ Jason, don’t be sad. Let me be the star and stay with you forever!”

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In this way, whenever the night falls, the moon and the stars come out together to “night shift”. Therefore, the moon is also considered a testimony of friendship. If you want to keep memories with your friends or when you are still hesitating to give friends a gift. The special custom moon lamp is definitely the best and beautiful product for your friends. The moon lamp keeps this wonderful friendship for you!