Travel guide during epidemic prevention

What should I do during the epidemic prevention? How to protect myself when I get on the bus and subway? Is it safe to ride a bike? What are the precautions for taking a taxi? What is the safest way to do after arriving at the destination?

Let me teaches you a few "self-defense techniques" to get rid of the troubles of traveling during the epidemic.

Come and see if you are going out, are you ready to travel?


1. Remember to wear a mask when you travel because disease prevention is very important.

No matter which way you choose to travel, you should do personal protection especially wear a mask throughout the journey to reduce contact with external facilities. Wash your hands as soon as you arrive at your destination. When you are unsure whether your hands are clean, try not to touch your mouth, nose, or eyes.


2. Take a bus to line up and open the window for ventilation without chatting.

Keep a distance of more than 1 meter with others while waiting on the platform. Don't get crowded when you get on the bus, line up in an orderly manner and keep a safe distance.

During driving, you can open the window to ventilate and maintain air circulation. Don't chat with people around you or eat in the car. Try not to touch the facilities in the car as much as possible. If you have a wound on your hand, do not touch the public handrail.


3. Cycling away from many places, consciously abide by traffic lights.

Experts suggest that people prefer bicycles and electric vehicles. It is because as personal transportation, electric vehicles and bicycles can naturally create a safe distance from others to avoid cross infection; Secondly, electric vehicles and bicycles are small and more flexible and convenient to stop and ride. Also, it is not easy to jam on the road; It is the outdoor environment when riding, the air mobility is better than indoor and car.

When riding a bike, avoid places with large crowds. Try not to stop too much on the way. Observe the traffic rules and pay attention to safety.


4. Please carry alcohol disinfectant and wipe your hands and items.

 It is also very important to remember to disinfect with alcohol or disinfectant after you travel! Many people use alcohol to sterilize incorrectly.

The correct method of use is to spray alcohol on the rag and then use the rag to wipe the items we need to disinfect. Please pay attention to ventilation when disinfecting that  to prevent danger.

Always wash your hands after disinfection and do not wear masks during the disinfection. In addition , do not inhale alcohol because medical alcohol is toxic to the human body. This is not alcohol, it is recommended that you do not eat.