The Best Gift For Child Is 3D Custom Moon Lamp

My baby, welcome to this wonderful world. This unique gift is selected for you. I hope that you’ll like it and hope you can grow up happily and healthily!

baby photo
The child’s growth is the parents’ attention all the time. Customizing a child’s own item can help parents intuitively. Record your child’s growth and let your child grow up and look at their childhood. The feature of this lamp is that it has accessories to embellish it which makes the whole lamp more lively and lovely. There are three types of lamps in this series: Moon Lamp, Earth Lamp, and Jupiter Lamp. The earth lamp symbolizes the birthplace of the child. Regardless of the future development and remember to forget the original heart. The moon lamp symbolizes the human beings used to explore the magical universe and represents courage. Jupiter lamp symbolise human attachment to the universe and represent persistence. No matter which one go these three models, it can be of great significance to children and have a good educational effect.

baby photo-3
Moreover, a service for customising photos and texts for customers is provided on this lamp. Customers can choose photos of their children as a child and write what they want to say to their children. This lamp not only can accompany the child to grow but also can see the appearance of his childhood then the child’s grows up. As with the ordinary photos, the child’s photo is printed on the lamp through 3D model printing technology and making the photo look different.

moon lamp photo
Last but not least, parents don’t need to worry about whether this lamp is harmful to the child’s body. The lamp is made of environmentally friendly materials and has soft light so you don’t have to worry about the light being too strong and damaging your child’s eyes.