Love Story About The Moon

Do you the know what the moon symbolized ? It was symbolized chaste, glory, loyalty, beauty, and love in Western literature since ancient times. There has a beautiful Ancient Greek story about the moon.


The sister of the sun god Apollo who was very beautiful. However she was also a powerful archer that in charge of hunting. She was often accompanied by her beloved bow and hound . She drove a silver carriage in the night sky every day. Cold , lonely and undead represent the night together.

Moon goddess Artemis

Artemis was also the patron saint of unmarried girls who was also unmarried for her life. Poseidon has a son who named Orion. He likes the archery very much and was a good hunter .  Orion and Artemis often hunt together in the jungle and run wild on the sea. The goddess's brother Apollo hated Orion and did not like the relationship between her sister and Orion so he decided to get rid of Orion. One day, when Orion was flying on the surface of the sea, Apollo hid him with golden light to hide him so that no one could see the true face of Orion. Then he deceived like archery. The sister of the moon and the goddess of the moon that used the golden object in the distance as a target.

 Goddess of the moon-1

Of course, the moon goddess did not know that this was her brother’s conspiracy. She shot an arrow in the middle of Orion’s head. Later ,she knew that she had shot the Orion . She fell into despair crying day and night. In order to cherish the love of Orion, she asked Zeus to raise Orion to the sky . She hoping that she could see her loves in the sky. Luckily, Zeus accepted her request to turn Prion into the constellation of the heaven. The Artemis swore that she won’t marry forever and she will always accompany with Orion in the night sky.


What a poignant story ! It’s impressive me a lot that although Orion was dead , Artemis still stay with her loves forever in the sky. Hope you guys can find your true love and give this meaningful gift to your loves.

Orion Photo