How To Pick A Gift From Secret Love To Marriage

From two strangers to the palace of marriage, we all have to experience the secret love period, the love period and the marriage period. Is there a gift can be used by people at these stages? The answer is definitely “Yes”! Before I reveal the answer, I’ll first introduces the secret love period, the love period and the marriage period.

3d customize moon lamp
First, we must pay more attention in choosing gifts in the secret love period. First of all, we cannot choose too expensive gifts because it’ll cause him or her to bear the burden and $100 is the best range. Then, according to your purpose to choose a gift. For example, draw your psychological distance, brush a sense of presence, express your care and so on.

moon lamp
Second, couples in the hot love period can choose a wide range of gifts, such as three sets of flowers, jewellery, chocolate, etc. If you want to add something new to this, you can choose some a commemorative gift that a couple can complete. More, this gift that needs two people to complete is naturally full of commemorative meaning! When love is in vain, anyone who promises a long-lasting commitment. This time needs a thing to record your vow.

love period
Third, when love become fine companionship is the main theme. At this time, if you send a gift that is too expensive, he or she may even say that you don’t know how to save money.Therefore, it’s most appropriate to choose some gifts that enhance your happiness in life or full of wishes.

Marriage period
What’s more, I recommend you guys a gift is for anytime. It can be said that it’s the best gift in 2019. This gift is a lamp and there are three styles of lamp, such as the moon, the earth and Jupiter. This gift is unique. Why? It’s because it can print your favourite photos or text on it. Imagine you will be each other and the photos of the good memories together are printed on it and with your best wished. This gift is applicable to the three stages of the secret love period, the love period and the marriage period. Private custom moon lamp, globe lamp and Jupiter lamp are the best gifts anymore!