Fall In Love With The Best Gift

When in the evening of the 15th day of the first month, I heard my mum said that the moon is very at night. On that day, I went to appreciated the moon. I was dubious that the sky was getting dark and the bright moon is like a couple bending back. The moon was slowly rising and the stars flashed a little bit of cold light beside them as if they were not convinced to said the the moon was brighter than the one. After a while, the silver light was like a stream of water sprinkled on the whole earth. The earth was wearing a beautiful silver dress and the curved moon was still smile in the sky. The thin cloud like a fairy dancing a fabulous dance in a thin white cloud with the yellowish dress. It’s even more beautiful.

moon picture-3
Time has passed, the blue sky was slowly getting darker and the light of the moon seems to be weaker but the whole world was still shrouded in beauty. In the moon lamp, people sleep in the wonderful dreamland and there is no more sound except the wind sounds. The breeze blowing over your body is quiet and comfortable. Although it’s not very lively a night, the moon adds a touch of brilliance to the lonely night. The moon got a very strange illness that it can’t dance anymore. I think the moon must be very lost but it’s mouth is still slightly rising with an eternal smile hanging until the last moment of life.

Children under the moonlight
Ah! I like the moon because the moon is not as hot as the sun. The moon is very gentle as the breeze blows over my side. The overall look is simple and beautiful. Whenever I walk on the road at night, the moon is like my mum that lighting up my way home at night. When I saw the moon, I remembered that my mum was working in the distance. I think the moon lamp is a very meaningful gift. It can customize the photos on the moon lamp that you like. When I saw it, I felt my mum was always stay behind with me.