Customize The Patron Saint Of The Moon

The moon with the white figure which is serene and quiet . I like it very much because I can confess my troubles and joys to it.

moon picture-1

In the evening, I walked alone in the woods behind the campus and went alone to enjoy the beauty of the night. Looking up at the silent night sky, the lovely moon slowly climbed into the air from the treetops, bright and round. It’s just like a jade plate. The gentle moonlight poured down like a stream of water as if it was slipping through a pleasing sound of the piano. In such a perfect night, I can’t help. I think of many descriptions of the moon in ancient poetry. “After rain the empty mountain, Stands autumnal in the evening.” Can we do this ? I raised my head and looked out on the mountain moon, I bowed my head and thought of my far-off home.When we are lonely , the moon is our loyal partner.The moon caused us to deeply miss our hometown.

moon family-1

When I was a child, I saw my father. I always on the squatting pace and shouting with my unclear hometown words. “Mum, mum!” Abandoned my mum but ignored the father’s silent love that with deep love! My father still used his thin body to prop up the home. The moon is like the patron saint of the earth. The earth is turning every day. It’s so loyal and trustworthy and dedicated. The moon is like a magician but sometimes it looks like a jade plate. Sometimes it bends like a bow. Sometimes it looks like a boat.Sometimes it’s like an apple being bitten by a worn.

moon family-2
It’s changeable and varied. When the moon is out that moment, it always pulls our eyes and stimulates our thinking. Blooming our emotions and making us crazy . We may feel sad, mad, or joyful. It’s not as dazzling as it but it’s fascinating. The moon brought me boundless delusions and endless expectations. Now, there is a moon lamp can be customized for your family or your loves ! Hurry up !