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How long can COVID-19 survive in the air? How to protect yourself properly?

What do you care about most now? I am afraid everyone is most concerned about how to prevent COVID-19. To be honest, as an ordinary person, our knowledge of this virus is very limited, we can only listen to the recommendations of medical experts. Experts tell us that this virus causes a new type of pneumonia, and one way to prevent it is to wear a mask. Wearing a mask means that COVID-19 can be spread by air, and wearing a mask can effectively isolate viruses in the air. So, how long can COVID-19 survive in the air? It is about prevention effect, knowing and benefiting early. Viruses and bacteria are the enemy of our health, but viruses and bacteria...

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Travel guide during epidemic prevention

What should I do during the epidemic prevention? How to protect myself when I get on the bus and subway? Is it safe to ride a bike? What are the precautions for taking a taxi? What is the safest way to do after arriving at the destination? Let me teaches you a few "self-defense techniques" to get rid of the troubles of traveling during the epidemic. Come and see if you are going out, are you ready to travel?   1. Remember to wear a mask when you travel because disease prevention is very important. No matter which way you choose to travel, you should do personal protection especially wear a mask throughout the journey to reduce contact with external...

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How to do personal protection during the epidemic? 10 practical suggestions

How can we protect ourselves in our daily life during the COVID-19 epidemic ? The experts gave 10 practical suggestions.  1. Wash hands frequently and maintain good respiratory hygiene habits Use soap or hand soap and wash your hands with running water. Wipe your hands with disposable paper towels or clean towels. Wash hands immediately after touching hands with respiratory secretions (eg after sneezing). Maintain good respiratory hygiene habits. When coughing or sneezing, please cover your nose and mouth with a tissue or towel. Wash your hands after coughing or sneezing. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with your hands. 2. Enhance physical fitness and immunity, keep the environment clean and ventilated Enhance physical fitness and immunity, balanced diet,...

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More Meaningful Easter Gift Than Chocolate

Women usually like romantic. Maybe sometimes she loves you deeply and ignores those romances romances and doesn’t. However, as a man that the romance should be given to her and don’t let you regret. Women who like romance gifts are naturally. For example, watches, roses, etc. But is there only a gift that can be choose for your love? Of course not! Today, let me introduce you two special Easter gifts! 1. Customise a moon lamp that belongs to you. When the man express love to theirs loves, they always says, “I am willing to take off the moon from the sky and give it to you.” This sentence does not know how many girls have be moved. Now there...

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The Best Gift For Father’s Day

There is a man who never says to love youBut he gave the world to youNowadaysFarther’s DayBecause of dadFamily has got startedHe is a boy’s superheroTaught his strong meaningHe is the ideal lover of the girlGiving her the strongest shoulderHe has never appreciated your excellence in personIn front of othersYou are his most commendable pride.He is never complain about the five flavours of lifeJust want to bring all the good things to youHe knows you are longing for poetry and distance in the skySo he is silent but open the arms that he is always waiting you return. How to express our love for him? That must be a heart to give your father a gift that expresses your heart....

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